Marshall County Commissioners to Discuss Use of GIS Data

In their meeting today, the Marshall County Commissioners will discuss allowing the county’s GIS data to be used in an update of the City of Plymouth’s comprehensive plan.

According to the minutes of the last commissioners meeting, the update is being prepared by Ratio Architects, Inc. which has given written assurance that they will not use the data for any other commercial purposes.

Under the terms of a county ordinance, the GIS data is provided free of charge to municipalities for their own use, but vendors must pay for the information. GIS Coordinator Shawnda Wenino told the commissioners that the city utilities will not provide their data to the vendor, citing security issues.

She stated that data has been purchased by individual vendors who reconfigured the bus routes for three school corporations in the county.

Plan Director Ralph Booker argued that giving this data to the company in this instance will enhance the comprehensive plan and officials have a duty to develop the best possible plan.

The commissioners agreed that they would like to hear from the vendor for more clarity and Ratio Architects, Inc. is expected to give a deeper explanation during the commissioners meeting this morning.