Marshall County Plan Director Interested in City Planner Position

The Marshall County Commissioners held more discussion on the request from Plan Director Ralph Booker, who is asking for their support in seeking the position of part-time planner for the city of Plymouth. Booker said he feels the position would enhance cooperation between the city and county, but the commissioners have their concerns about a possible conflict of interest.

Booker told the commissioners that all work for the city would be done before 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., and he would not use county vehicles or supplies. He said that two prior planning directors had held both decisions, and on top of that, he reported the County Plan Commission has recommended taking a glance at the possibility of combining both the city and county plan commissions and building department, allowing the city to help pay for the combined position.

The commissioners, however, expressed their concern about the possible conflicts of interest that would be created in the case of disputes between the city of Plymouth and Marshall County. Booker responded that, because he only makes recommendations, there would be no conflicts of interest.

Commission President Kevin Overmyer asked Roose if he would be interested in dropping to part-time employment for the county to allow him to perform his part-time work for the city during working hours, but Roose said he was not.

The commissioners wanted additional time to consider the amount of compensation for a combined position. Though the commissions agreed with the idea of enhanced cooperation between the city and county, it was suggested that a representative from the commissioners, county and city councils, the mayor of Plymouth, and both party’s attorneys meet with Booker to discuss the matter.