New Buses To Be Purchased By Eastern Pulaski Schools

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman

Eastern Pulaski Schools will soon be shelling out nearly $200,000 for new equipment. Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman explained that they will be purchasing three buses – one utility bus and two full-size buses.

“The board did authorize us to purchase two new school buses. We had put out bids and the low bid for two full-size passenger buses went to Midwest, so we will get two buses from Midwest this year, and the prices actually came in a little lower than they were a year ago. We are also going to purchase one utility bus, that’s a 14-passenger bus, and that is coming from Kerlin out of Silver Lake,” said Klitzman.

Midwest quoted $87,207 each for the two 78-passenger full-size buses, but Klitzman said because they are purchasing two and trading in the buses to be replaced, the total price was cut to $155,814 for the pair. Kerlin is asking $40,861 for the 14-passenger bus, and Klitzman said both of those bids were accepted and they will be covering the costs using the corporation’s transportation fund.

Klitzman explained the utility buses are used tremendously for extracurricular trips with small groups, but if a group of faculty members needs to travel somewhere, the group can use the bus as well to save wear and tear on their own vehicles.