NJSP Schools Seeking K-12 AdvancED Accreditation

North Judson-San Pierre Superintendent Lynn Johnson

The North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation is currently undergoing the process of K-12 accreditation through AdvancED, which Superintendent Lynn Johnson said is a very lengthy ordeal. She explained that prior to this, each school was individually accredited; however, because the corporation contains three schools, the corporation decided to go with K-12 accreditation.

“We decided to go through K-12 accreditation, so it really helps align the whole process as far as our curriculum instruction. So we went through the process of making sure that the conditions were ready that we could meet the criteria through AdvancED and become a candidate for accreditation,” said Johnson. “It’s a good process; it’s a huge learning process.”

Johnson explained that the corporation was approved in January as a candidate for accreditation, and they will now go through the process with each individual school and align their goals. This is quite a bit of work, she explained, but a team from AdvancED will come to the school for three days to review the processes, the data, and all the information about the school corporation. If the school passes that process, Johnson explained, the school will become accredited.

The district component of the process, she said, is represented by teachers, administrators, board members, the community, parents, and students, making the process very inclusive to members of the community.