North Judson Hires New Part-Time Clerical Employee

After sifting through 40 applications and narrowing it down step by step, North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry said the town board has filled the vacant part-time clerical position.

Henry explained that Cheryl Tellman will split her time between the two offices, but will spend the majority of her time in the clerk-treasurer’s office. The employee will be trained in both departments, and will be cross-trained on the billing side to allow the Tellman to substitute for the billing clerk during vacations. Henry says this employee will be similar to a floating employee between the two departments, but will concentrate on the clerk-treasurer’s side.

Before Tellman was chosen, Henry said they narrowed down the 40 applicants to six potential employees. Council member Tim Cummins and Henry conducted the interviews and used a standard questionnaire – the same for all six applicants – and then Cummins and Henry separately rated the six using a one-to-five rating system before comparing notes.

Surprisingly enough, Henry said she and Cummins listed the six applicants in the same order. They then narrowed it down to two, and offered the position to Tellman, who accepted the offer. The board approved the hiring of Tellman, and she started in her new position this week.

Henry said the clerk-treasurer’s office will have her focus on filing work and such because her department needs to get files organized and develop a good filing system.