North Judson Town Board Holds Readings of Several Ordinances

The North Judson Town Board is continuing their efforts to enact a number of ordinances relating to the town. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained that they read the first and second readings of several ordinances, and they are planning to hold the first and second readings of another ordinance at their next meeting.

Henry explained that one ordinance for which they held the first and second readings was the redistricting ordinance for boundaries of election wards. She said the ordinance is required by the State Election Board to either confirm the board is not making any changes in the boundaries of wards, or if they are making changes, the ordinance would detail the changes. This is required after each 10-year census, Henry explained, to ensure that election wards are as equal as possible in terms of population.

Fortunately, Henry said the wards were already quite close in population, allowing the board to retain the current districts. The board held and approved the first and second readings of the ordinance and will hold the third reading at their next meeting on Dec. 3.

The board also held the first and second readings of an ordinance regarding the expansion of the town board to five members from its current size of three members. Since the public question on the General Election ballot passed overwhelming, Henry explained that they now need to put into effect an ordinance detailing the change. The third reading of the ordinance will take place Dec. 3, and then Henry will take both the five-member board ordinance and the redistricting ordinance to the county clerk to be recorded.