North Judson Town Board to Present Resizing Ordinance

The public question presented to voters in North Judson was approved by more than 78 percent. Only 129 voters said no to the question of whether or not the town board should be increased to five members, while 480 voters voted in favor of the change.

As a result, the town council will now have to present the ordinance reflecting the change at their next two regular meetings. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained that the two additional members will be at-large members who will be initially appointed by the town council. Following that, Henry said the two members will go for election at the next county elections with staggered terms against the other three members. The three ward-specific board members will continue to be elected during the municipal elections.

Henry said these staggered terms prevent the entire council from being overhauled, and ensures that at least one member will have experience with the process and responsibilities involved with being a town council member.

The town council will review the first draft of the ordinance at their next meeting on Nov. 26.