North Judson Town Board to Review Several Ordinances

The town of North Judson will soon be reading a number of new ordinances, including those regulating the town’s cemeteries and animals.

Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained that they will be performing the third reading of the cemetery rules and regulations ordinance, which had previously been passed along to Town Attorney Cassandra Hine for review. Henry said that Hine will make a number of minor revisions to the language and return it at the next meeting, when it will be read for the third and likely put into place.

Also, the town board will soon review the first draft of the animal ordinance that had previously been presented by a council member. Henry said this needs to be addressed as it is only a first draft and a number of changes will likely be made. Because the town does not have an ordinance regulating farm animals within town limits, the council will be reviewing information concerning domestic and farm animals in the town. The town currently has an ordinance for domestic animals, and Henry said they may revise the ordinance to regulate urban farm animals as well.

Henry explained that the council is discussing this matter because several people in town have chickens and other livestock in their back yard and because the town has no rules prohibiting the animals from being kept outside at a residence within the town limits, their hands are tied.

The council will also review the salary ordinance for 2013, and again, the council will make some revisions and then hold the readings of the ordinance. This, Henry explained, is merely the first draft.