North Judson Town Council Reviewing Districts

The North Judson Town Council is reviewing their redistricting ordinance. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry said they are required to review their voting districts after each 10-year census, and if the census indicates that the town’s population changed by a significant percent, they are required to perform redistricting of district boundaries.

Fortunately, Henry said their population changed only minimally, so they weren’t required to do the actual redistricting. However, the council still has to enact an ordinance stating that they are not performing the redistricting, so that ordinance has been passed to Town Attorney Cassandra Hine for review.

After Hine reviews the ordinance, Henry said they will be able to hold the first and second readings at the next meeting of the council. The third reading can then be held at the following meeting.

Henry said the town crews also started picking up leaves last week, though they are not yet finished. She said the crews plan to perform one more full pick-up throughout the town, and of course, she emphasized that crews will only be picking up loose leaves – no brush, pine needles, or other debris.

She also pointed out that the utility crews are working on the sewer connection for American Oak, as the business is in the process of establishing a new distribution center in the industrial park.