Origer Gives PCED Update on Economic Projects

Pulaski County Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer told the Economic Development Board this month that he had met with teachers at both high schools in the county regarding a business plan competition for students. He also said he appeared in classes at both schools as part of Junior Achievement.

Origer also told the board that he met with Greg Podell, president of GalFab, as well as Jan Bailey of Ivy Tech Corporate College to discuss training possibilities at the factory. While nothing is concrete regarding the possible training, he will likely have an update at a later meeting.

On top of that, Origer explained to the board how much money had been appropriated for all uses from the CEDIT Fund for 2013, and offered a forecast for additional appropriations and 2013 CEDIT revenues. He said he expects the fund to end up around $1.6 million at the end of the year, but noted that is a rough estimate. He expressed hope that sufficient funds would be available in the next two years to fund a number of proposed economic development projects.

A Pulaski County business recently received a loan from the county’s Revolving Loan Fund, and Origer said the balance in that fund is just shy of $28,000. He said that all borrowers have been paying on time, but he said the county recently hired an attorney from Merrillville to pursue funds that had been lost from the Revolving Loan Fund in the default of Chesapeake Recycling.