Plymouth’s Comprehensive Plan Coming Along

The city of Plymouth is continuing its efforts in creating a new comprehensive plan. The Plan Commission heard an update on the efforts at their meeting last week, when City Attorney Sean Surrisi and Mayor Mark Senter presented the commission with new information on the city’s plan for future development.

The Plan Commission received a summary on work from Ratio, the city’s consultant for their comprehensive plan.

The city held four meetings in late October to gather public feedback on the new comprehensive plan, which hadn’t been updated in more than eight years. During the public meeting that was held, residents emphasized the city’s need to analyze economic development and focus not just on the number of jobs that the city is looking to attract, but also the type of jobs.

Several roads, curbs, and sidewalks were mentioned during the meeting that were in need of updates, including west Jefferson Street and Michigan Street near the airport. Developmental areas were also discussed.