Police Arrest Two Following Medaryville Pursuit

Shane Born

Two Medaryville residents were arrested after a pursuit incident Monday night.

A Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputy saw a vehicle approach the intersection at 550 North and U.S. 421 in Medaryville. Although the officer could not see into the truck, he recognized the truck to belong to Shane Born, a habitual traffic violator.

As Born’s vehicle moved through the intersection, the officer noted that the vehicle was extremely loud with a malfunctioning muffler. The officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but Born sped away from the officer. Born continued until he pulled into the driveway at his residence.

Born exited the vehicle and the officer ordered Born to the ground. While waiting for backup, a woman exited the car. The woman, Jamie Peterson, began yelling at the officer demanding to know what the officer was doing and why he had his gun drawn. She continued yelling at the officer until another police unit arrived on the scene.

After the officer placed Born into custody, Peterson allegedly approached the officer in an aggressive manner and she was told she was under arrest. She resisted arrest until she was tazed and was then taken into custody.

Shane Born, 39, was arrested on preliminary charges of Operating a Vehicle as an Habitual Traffic Violator and Resisting Law Enforcement. Jamie Peterson, 28, was arrested on preliminary charges of Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Law Enforcement and Refusal to Aid an Officer. This case has been forwarded to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department for further review.