Property Tax Payments Due Nov. 10

Starke County Treasurer Linda Belork assists a customer over the phone

With the Starke County Treasurer’s Office once again open and ready to receive payments, Treasurer Linda Belork wants to remind Starke County residents that tax payments are due in just over a week.

Though there was some confusion in the treasurer’s office in October when the Starke County Commissioners closed the office after Belork was reinstated to her position, Belork explained that tax payments have been coming in at a steady pace. She said a lot of people have been calling the office to ensure they are, in fact, open, and others have resorted to using the outside night drop as well, allowing taxpayers to make payments on the weekend and after hours.

Belork said she has been adjusting back into the swing of things in the treasurer’s office, but everything is going along just fine as she takes it “one day at a time.” She said that while the office has been steadily receiving payments, it’s certainly a lot less busy with fall payments than what she would expect for spring. Belork explained that the spring season has the heaviest traffic for tax payments, because many people pay their taxes for the whole year at that time.

Property tax payments are due by Nov. 10.