Pulaski Commissioners Discuss Dilapidated Highway Garage Roof

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

The Pulaski County Commissioners are still dealing with the old highway garage roof woes, as Highway Superintendent Kenny Becker told the commissioners this week that they need to decide what to do with the dilapidated roof.

Commissioner Mike Tiede recommended sending it to the landfill and billing it to Maintenance Director Morry DeMarco’s budget, but Commissioner Ken Boswell said that he had intended to check with Building Inspector Dave Dare to see if he had the funds to cover it. Tiede, however, said that the funds in that budget are intended for unsafe buildings with violations.

County Auditor Shelia Garling said that funds may also be available in the commissioners’ budget to handle the work.

Becker insisted that the roof needs to be removed soon, and said he will haul the roof down to the landfill soon and allow the commissioners, in the meantime, to find out what fund will cover the cost. However, Becker said that they will not touch the roof until NIPSCO has removed the gas lines from the building.

Further, Becker asked the commissioners what they planned to do after the building has been torn down. He suggested putting up a fence to prevent troublemakers from getting into the area, and said he will return at the next meeting with quotes on the cost of a fence and removal of the roof.