Pulaski County Economic Development Board Discusses Upcoming Plans

The Pulaski County Economic Development Board earlier this month discussed upcoming events and priorities for economic expansion in Pulaski County. Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer explained to the board that he will be joining his counterparts from Newton and Starke Counties to meet with representatives from the Northwest Indiana Forum and Ivy Tech Northwest to discuss the relationship between Ivy Tech Northwest and four rural counties in the region.

He said the conversation will specifically include how under-served the four counties feel by their official Ivy Tech region, as they often are forced to rely on other Ivy Tech regions.

Origer also met with the president of the Valparaiso-based Regional Development Company. Regional Development Company is an SBA-504 lender, which allows the company to partner with local banks and small businesses to provide low-cost financing for business development.

Origer also informed the board that he had attended the monthly Rural-and-Rustic meeting, and learned the group is being inducted into the Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana.

The board approved Origer’s report.

The board also reviewed a budget from the Chamber of Commerce which itemized how the first installment of $2000 had been spent, as well as other plans the Chamber has in mind for the funds. Origer also expressed to the board some of his hopes for the Chamber’s direction, and the board unanimously voted to disburse the remaining $2000 to the Chamber.