Republican Tom Dermody Reelected To Fourth Term As Representative

State Representative Tom Dermody

Republican Tom Dermody is excited to begin his fourth term as state representative for District 20 and said his primary focus will be on improving the budget. Dermody said he will be serving on the Ways and Means Committee which develops the budget, and he’s ready to begin preparing for the first of the year.

“Well, I think the number one issue is going to be the budget. We’re not quite out of the economic downturn and we have to be very fiscally responsible with what we do with the budget, and obviously everybody is going to be looking for additional K-12 funding, so we’ll have to review that, look at it, but overall, I think the budget is the number one issue – making sure it’s a responsible budget,” said Dermody.

Dermody said he was blessed to have won the reelection and said he sent a message at all levels to “cross the aisle,” encouraging democrats and republicans to work together, solve problems, and get away from playing party politics.

Dermody credited his reelection to hard work as he is constantly busy meeting with people to listen to their issues and trying to come up with solutions. He said he feels people have seen that effort during his term, and hopefully, that makes the difference.