Republicans Dominate Marshall County Council At-Large Seats

A number of contested races in Marshall County went to the polls yesterday.

Republicans dominated the county council at-large race, as Republicans Jon VanVactor, Rex Gilliland, and Steven Harper stomped out their Democrat opponent, Angela Rupchock-Schafer. VanVactor earned the most votes with 10,902 counted. Gilliland followed close on his heels with just two fewer votes, while Harper pulled together 10,448 votes to take the third seat.

For the Culver Community School Board District 2 seat, Edward Behnke and Mark Maes went toe-to-toe. Maes pulled forward in the end with 609 votes to Behnke’s 483.

The contested District 3 seat for the Plymouth School Board was won by Gary Cook with 3987 votes. Frank Brubaker was unable to round up the votes needed to win the seat, coming out with only 2253 votes.

Three seats for the Union-North School Board went to the polls as well. The at-large seat was won by Daniel Zeiger with 720 votes; George Moffett earned 414. For the North Township seat, Kenneth A. Moore won it with 690 votes to David Grenert’s 578.

The Lake of the Woods Sewer Board seat went to Sally Pittman with 277 votes to Marjorie Rupert’s 248.