Starke County Commissioners Approve Transfer For Highway Dept.

Steve Siddall

Starke County Highway Superintendent Steve Siddall approached the commissioners at their meeting last week to request a transfer into their truck repair fund to cover some repairs on equipment. The commissioners approved his request unanimously.

“We’re just doing general maintenance on the trucks and trying to update them and some of the trucks are getting some pretty heavy rust damage inside and out and the mechanics brought it to my attention, and I brought it to the council tonight to get a little more transferred money into truck repair to fix the damage in the cabs, on the beds, fenders, stuff like that,” said Siddall.

Siddall also told the commissioners that one truck had a serious issue: the motor scored a piston, which he said completely ruined the motor. As a result, a new motor was required to be installed in the truck, which was covered by the Insurance Fund. He also mentioned that he is looking at bids to purchase a new truck in 2013 that he will present to the commissioners at a later date.

On top of that, Siddall gave the commissioners an update regarding the efforts of the Monon Ditch Board to clean the ditch. Commissioner Dan Bridegroom said the board is in the last phase of the work, and Siddall requested an additional appropriation to purchase two pipes to allow the cleaning efforts to be completed.