Starke County Commissioners To Review Bidding Process

Starke County Commissioners

The Starke County Commissioners this week heard from Highway Superintendent Steve Siddall, who informed them of a new method of handling bids that he said will simplify the process.

Siddall explained that during the last audit by the State Board of Accounts, he learned his department is in full compliance. On top of that, Siddall said he learned of a new way to handle the bidding process that came to be in 2010 that they were not previously aware of.

County Attorney Martin Lucas recommended clearing up how this process works before opening any more bids, and recommended tabling the bids until the confusion is cleared up. Then, Lucas said, the bids can be read into record at a later date.

The State Board of Accounts told the commissioners that they had been handling the bid process wrong. Lucas said he will research exactly how the process is supposed to work and cite Indiana Codes for reference to prevent any citations from the state – citations which, Commissioner Dan Bridegroom said, the commissioners particularly do not enjoy.

Siddall also told the commissioners that quotes are currently out for Bridge 43 near Koontz Lake. The bridge is currently down to one lane, and Siddall said he would like to get an engineering firm to assemble specifications. The matter will be discussed further at the next meeting of the county commissioners on Nov. 19.