Starke County Council Approves Sheriff’s Request For Second New Vehicle

Sheriff Oscar Cowen
Sheriff Oscar Cowen

Starke County Sheriff Oscar Cowen gets to go car shopping, as the county council this week approved his request to purchase a second new squad car.

The council had previously heard a request from Cowen for three new squad cars before the end of the year, but the council decided to approve the first vehicle and see where they’d be budget-wise toward the end of the year. Since then, Cowen said he has received the first car, but now he’s back to see about getting the second.

Councilman Dave Pearman said that it is vital that the county keep its police vehicle fleet as current as possible. The funds to cover the cost of the vehicle would come from the Cumulative Capital fund, and Cowen told the council he has already gotten the blessing from the commissioners to proceed with the purchase.

Cowen approached the council with two quotes on vehicles from two local dealers. He explained he wants to purchase the vehicle from a Ford dealer because he would then have two vehicles of the same year for comparison purposes. A motion was made and approved to allow Cowen to purchase either vehicle of his choice, but Cowen said he will try to talk to the Ford dealer to see if he can get a lower price.