Starke County Election Results

Here are the results for the contested races in Starke County with 21 out of 21 precincts reporting:

(A complete list of results will be posted after the final tallies are released)

U.S. President:
(D) Barack Obama  3809
(R) Mitt Romney  4738

U.S. Senate:
(D) Joe Donnelly  4484
(R) Richard E. Mourdock  3607
(L) Andrew “Andy” Horning  447

Governor and Lieutenant Governor:
(R) Pence-Ellspermann 3828
(D) Gregg-Simpson 4291
(L) Boneham-Klopfenstein 337

U.S. Representative District 2:
(D) Brendan Mullen 4466
(R) Jackie Walorski  3777
(L) Joseph Wayne Ruiz  419

Attorney General:
(D) Kay Fleming  3785
(R) Greg Zoeller  4466

Superintendent of Public Instruction:
(D) Glenda Ritz  4441
(R) Tony Bennett  3915

State Senator District 5:
(D) Debora “Deb” Porter  1618
(R) Ed Charbonneau  1942

State Senator District 8:
(D) Jim Arnold  2555
(R) Eric Harris  2183

State Representative District 16:
(D) Richard W. (Rich) Ludington  1623
(R) Douglas L. Gutwein  1824

State Representative District 20:
(D) Karen Salzer  2312
(R) Tom Dermody  2456

Starke County Commissioner District 3:
(R) Kent Danford  4385
(D) Daniel Bridegroom  3907

Starke County Council At-Large: (vote for three)
(R) Bryan Cavender  4054
(R) Talia Reed  3430
(R) Bruce Williams  3573
(D) Freddie G. Baker  4582
(D) Judy J. Benninghoff  3265
(D) Bob Sims  4404

Culver Community School Corporation-District 2 Union Township
Edward Behnke  165
Mark Maes  140

Knox Community School Corporation Center Township Seats 2, 3, and 4 (vote for three)
Dawn M. Bailey  1121
William Kirk Bennett  1429
Gerald (Jerry) Fletcher  1278

Jeffrey B. Fosler  865
Wendy McIntire  1452
Larry D. Sennert  840
Harold A. Welter  1111
Valarie Williams  1248

Knox Community School Board California-Washington Seat:
Kurt A. Kemble  1897
Nathan Marcum  1299

Oregon-Davis Community Schools At-Large Seat: (vote for two)
Patricia Dianne Gregory  340
Kurt Hayes  891
Seth D. Huitt  514
Jeffrey P. Jones  323
Lee Nagai  662

North Judson Town Council Resolution #2012-01
Shall the number of North Judson Town Council members be increased from 3 to 5?

Yes  480
No  129

Total number of absentee ballots:  1,849