Town of Culver Continues Downtown & Comprehensive Plan Projects

The town of Culver is continuing with its two big projects, and Town Manager David Schoeff explained those projects are keeping them busy.

Schoeff said the town is still working on the downtown project, and he’s hoping to get the concrete work wrapped up within the next few weeks before buttoning up until next spring. Alongside that, he said the town board is waiting to receive some proposals for the comprehensive plan, but until those are received, they’re on hold.

The park board is hoping to receive several quotes next week for the installation of a new handicapped fishing pier. Schoeff said this should be an exciting addition to the park for next spring. Other than that, Schoeff explained that downtown shops are preparing for Christmas. He said that lots of the downtown shops kick off the Christmas shopping season on Nov. 2, 3, and 4 by decorating for Christmas in anticipation of their biggest shopping weekends of the year.

Schoeff also mentioned the possibility of Christmas decorating contests and possibly a “walkway of lights,” which he said would illuminate the path around the lake. While none of these ideas have been discussed at length, he said he would be interested in having such a competition.