Town of Culver Under Boil Water Advisory Due to Water Main Issues

The town of Culver is now under a boil water advisory as a result of contractual work in the downtown area. Town Manager David Schoeff said the situation could have been a lot worse, but they were forced to shut down the water system which has caused a number of problems.

“The contractors that are doing our downtown streetscape had uncovered an old water valve, and the fact that it wasn’t restrained as today’s standards are, the valve to pull away from the main, and started leaking. Fortunately for us, the hole was already dug and things of that nature, there’s work being done, but unfortunately, though, we had to shut off the system to the town, which has caused us to issue a boil advisory,” said Schoeff.

On top of the boil advisory, Schoeff said shutting down the water system has caused a number of leaks to spring up throughout the town. Fortunately, employees are feverishly working to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible, but Schoeff couldn’t say when the advisory would be lifted.

“Our boil advisory will be up until we can follow the state procedures and make sure that we have good, safe drinking water to provide to the community before we allow them to drink it. I don’t really have an estimate. It could take a couple days or three or four days. We have to get some water samples taken and tested. Of course, unfortunately, coming up to the weekend, that kind of adds a couple days to things, but we’re doing what we can,” said Schoeff.

As of now, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management strongly encourages residents to boil their drinking water as a precautionary measure. Because of a loss of pressure in the water main, all cooking and drinking water should be brought to a complete boil for five minutes before being used. Culver residents should continue to boil all cooking and drinking water until notified otherwise.

The town is required to take water samples daily, and until the water meets all drinking standards for two consecutive days, the advisory will remain in place.

If you have any questions concerning this issue, please contact Culver Town Hall at 842-3140.