West Central Schools To Move Forward With Technology Initiative

West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon

West Central Technology Director Rob Evans brought forth a recommendation to the school board last week regarding the one-to-one computer initiative.

West Central Superintendent Charles Mellon said the board is taking the next step forward.

“The committee has decided to move forward with the Google Chromebook which is fairly new,” stated Mellon. “In the past two or three years, it has grown in popularity. This is a notebook type computer. It does have a keyboard and so on. We know that some other devices may be more applicable to younger students, or students with special needs, but we needed to move forward and get things started. The board gave their blessing on that.”

Mellon gives a timeline as to when the computers will be rolled out to teachers and students.

“In January, we will start training our staff and then hopefully have a device of some type in the hands of our students when school starts next August,” Mellon explained.

The one-to-one computer initiative will be funded by monies that were set aside in the Capital Projects Plan specifically for this project.