West Central Superintendent Responds to State Grades

West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon

The West Central School Board discussed the building grades recently distributed by the state. West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon had given out preliminary grades in September and they stayed the same despite being reviewed.

“The high school is at an A, the middle school a C and the elementary school is at a D,” said Mellon. “At the elementary school just a couple of years ago, we were an exemplary school so we knew that there was work to be done there. I think we have to concentrate on some of our specific population.”

Mellon indicated that the schools need to work more with non-English speaking students.

“We have more and more non-English speaking students in our corporation now so we have to make some adjustments. We have to make sure we are servicing those students. They have to take the tests as well – just like every other elementary student,” said Mellon.

Superintendent Mellon was happy to see that the middle school improved.

“The middle school went from a D to a C so we’re showing improvement there. Our high school, over the last three years, was a B, then an A and then an A so we are remaining consistent there. The middle school is showing growth and the elementary – we expect that to show growth next year as well,” Mellon said.

The corporation is working to increase the Response to Intervention (RTI) time and added more staff through grants to give individual assistance to those students who need extra help.