Winamac Fire Department Welcomes Five New Firefighters

Five new firefighters were hired to the Winamac Fire Department.

Fire Chief Bill Weaver told the town board that one of the applicants is fully trained except for training at the station with the trucks. The other four will need training.

The Winamac Fire Department currently has 12 members. Weaver said he would like to hire an additional four to five members next year. The membership has dwindled from 24 members.

The Town Board approved Weaver’s present request for five new firefighters and welcomed Jake Dommer, Tyler Campbell, Aaron Spanley, Matt Zellers and Dan Thompson to the Winamac Fire Department.

In another matter, Town Manager Jim Conner submitted a list of places to the Town Board that need to be ADA compliant. All of the areas listed need to be ADA compliant by June 2013. An open meeting for ADA/Section 504 compliance will be held on Monday, Nov. 26 at 7 p.m. ET to address that list.