WKVI/Five Star Food Drive a Success!

Jack from Five Star gives Joan Haugh a check for $500 for the food pantry

The WKVI/Five Star food drive for the Community Services of Starke County Food Pantry was held Saturday at Five Star and it was a success. The boy and girl scouts in North Judson also helped get donations for the food drive.

Several carts were loaded with food items and several cash donations were made. Community Services of Starke County Director Joan Haugh said it greatly helps the food pantry.

A resident drops off a donation for the food pantry

“I took a peek in the van and I saw the floor was full of food,” stated Haugh. “Keep it coming because our shelves are bare! This is an ongoing project all year round. People will call us and ask if we’re doing Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas baskets. I tell them that we do it all year. It’s the spirit of giving and this time of the year it makes people more aware with Thanksgiving being next week and Christmas coming. Every can, every dollar helps. Trust me.”

Tom Berg and Joan Haugh discuss the need at the food pantry on the air

Joan Haugh said the event raised $300 in cash donations and 375 pounds of food. On top of that, the Boy and Girl Scouts as well as the Cub Scouts from North Judson brought in more than 1088 pounds of food donations.

Five Star donated $500 toward the event.

Thank you to all who contributed.

We hope to make this event even more successful next year!

Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall makes a generous donation
Where'd all the Twinkies go???
Lenny Dessauer, Joan Haugh, Tom Berg and Jerry Curtis had a great time during the event!
WKVI General Manager Pat Dunn even helped bag groceries!