A+ Homemakers Assist Elderly, Give Caretakers A Break

A new adult day services business has opened in the Knox area.

A+ HomeMakers Services’ goal, according to President Scott Bradshaw, is to provide services to the elderly and those who need aide to keep them at home for as long as possible so a prolonged stay at a nursing home is not needed.

“Throughout the day they will have activities to keep them mobile, active, keep their mind more alert and extend their life,” said Bradshaw. “Also, we want to be able to give the caregiver a break or if someone has a job to go to, they can drop off their parents.”

Project Manager Carissa Sherwood says they provide a variety of activities.

“We provide activities for them, a meal for them and the care that they may need when their loved ones are at work,” stated Sherwood.

The business is located in the mall across from Christo’s Restaurant in Knox. A ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for February.

For more information, call (574) 772-7711.