Avoid Winter Accidents With These SCILL Center Tips

Next time you go to wipe the snow off your car, be courteous – get all of the snow off your vehicle to prevent it from whipping around your car as you drive down the road, worsening the visibility for those behind you.

Ron Dawson of the SCILL Center said one of the key things that most people do not do in the winter time that could prevent an accident is to clean off the car completely. Snow flying off your car can obstruct the view of drivers behind you and cause an accident. On top of that, Dawson encourages drivers to wipe their lights clean from snow and ice to improve visibility.

Get new wipers for your vehicle if they are leaving streaks, and make sure your tires are filled up. A weak tire, Dawson said, can pull you right off the side of the road very quickly. If you want to make your drive even safer, invest in de-icing windshield wiper fluid. Dawson said this fluid contains Rain-X and other additives to get the ice off your windshield, making it significantly easier and safer.

Increase the following distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you; if they slam their brakes, you’ll want the additional time to react.

If your vehicle begins to slide, Dawson said it’s important to press your brakes if you are in a vehicle with an anti-lock braking system, or pump the brakes if you do not.