IU Health Releases Healthy Habits Smartphone App

IU Health has released a new free smartphone app that makes it easier to add healthier habits to your daily routine.

The “My Healthy Habits” app is loaded with features that can help you turn positive behaviors into daily habits. Preprogram your list with healthy habits and it will help you keep up to date. If you would like to eat more fruits and vegetables, being more active and getting more sleep, a push notification will remind you to do your healthy habit.

It takes about three weeks for a person to establish a habit as part of a routine and at the end of your 21 day window, the app will ask you how you did. If you did well, you can choose to go onto the next healthy habit, or you can give yourself more time to establish the success you are seeking with your healthy habit.

To obtain the app for your smartphone, visit the app store.