IU Health Starke Hospital Announces Upcoming Transitional Care Program

IU Health Starke Hospital will soon be offering a transitional care program.

Since October, the hospital has suffered a penalty by the federal government for the amount of re-admissions to the hospital. President Dave Hyatt says all hospitals, not just the Starke County hospital, is held accountable for re-admissions within 30 days if a person has suffered a certain disease – such a pneumonia, heart attack, or congestive heart failure.

“The idea is that if you come to us with one of these disease states we need to make sure that your care in the hospital is good so that you’re not coming back right away. But, we’re also working on programs where we can reach out to you at home and we’re developing a transitional care program where if you have one of these disease states, someone will be following up with you outside of the hospital,” Hyatt said.

Hyatt says the staff at IU Health Starke Hospital will be working hard to keep you out of the hospital.

“It is our mission to improve the health of patients and communities. What that means is: we’ve got to keep you out of the hospital. Not just because the government tells us to, but because it’s the right thing to do. Reducing readmission is one way that we can improve the health of our patients and the community,” Hyatt said.

Be watching for that program to be offered soon.