IU Health Starke Hospital President Holds “Coffee with Dave” Sessions

The Virginia Rockettes met with Dave Hyatt for "Coffee with Dave."

On Wednesday mornings, IU Health Starke Hospital President Dave Hyatt will be meeting with the ladies in the public in a setting called, “Coffee with Dave”. Hyatt says it’s a chance to let him tell everyone what’s going on at the hospital.

“We’ve made so many changes over the last three and a half years really letting the community know that they really do have a top-notch facility here in Knox in Starke County. It’s not the same old Starke Memorial Hospital it was three years ago. We still have the same dedicated staff. Our colleagues are excellent at what they do. We’ve made a lot of changes and a lot of improvements,” Hyatt said.

Hyatt met with the Virginia’s Rockettes exercise group for the first “Coffee with Dave” session.

“And it’s always a pleasure to come out and see groups like this focused on improving their own health, taking their own health into their hands and realizing health starts with you. And really taking an active role in their own health and I can’t be more proud of this group and working with other community partners. Because, again, promoting a strong and healthy Starke County is what we’re all here for. So, it’s just exciting to get out and meet these passionate people,” said Hyatt.

Each lady that Dave meets with will receive a coffee mug and a picture will be taken to be sent to the media.

“Coffee with Dave” is featured every month.