KES Students’ Letters to Santa Will Serve An Even Better Cause

The familiar words, “Dear Santa,” will soon be written by nearly one thousand elementary students at Knox Elementary School as the Parent-Teacher Organization turns hundreds of letters into donations for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

PTO member Tammy Taulbee said the elementary school students will each write a letter to Santa that will be dropped off at Macy’s as part of their “Believe” holiday campaign. For each letter addressed to Santa that Macy’s receives, they will donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Taulbee said the PTO received information about the campaign and thought it would be a great class project with an even better message.

“I just really feel it’s important that our students and our community know that we need to give back to children, especially the children with illnesses. This is going to help their wishes come true while they’re battling their diseases and different illnesses that they have,” said Taulbee.

Taulbee said the student body of 950 elementary students, along with most of the staff and administration, will each write a letter to Santa – but to Taulbee, that’s not enough. The Macy’s Believe campaign has no age limit on the letters that can be written, so she’s urging the community to get involved as well.

Taulbee said all you need to do to participate is write a letter, make it out to Santa, and bring it to the elementary school to be added to the shipment of letters that she said will be delivered on Dec. 21.

Knox Elementary School has never done something like this before, Taulbee said, and while she would like to also get the middle and high schools involved, the deadline is approaching and she’s not sure she’ll have enough time. Regardless, she said she’s hoping to get around 1000 letters from the elementary school, and she said it would be spectacular to have that amount matched by the public.