Knox Council Discusses Laundromat Salvage Efforts

Knox City Council

The Knox City Council held a rather brief meeting last night before the end of the year, and discussed a number of items.

Mayor Rick Chambers told the council that he had spoken to the contractor hired by the city regarding the laundromat, and was told the contractor was running behind schedule due to the holidays. However, he did remove a number of items – mainly washers and dryers – and took them to an auction in an effort to find a buyer.

In doing so, the contractor stumbled upon a cache of copper that the city had not expected – a bountiful boon for the city, as the copper will sell at a decent price and bring more coin to the city’s coffers. However, Chambers said the contractor will likely have to wait for warmer weather before beginning the work on the laundromat. He said he’s hopeful that the building can be removed without damaging the nearby trees.

The council also approved a transfer of funds, which Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston said was an effort to “mop up” funds for the end of the year. He said it was necessary to ensure all line items are in the black – that is, not negative – before the end of the year.