Knox Man Arrested Following Apartment Burglary

A Knox man was arrested following the execution of a search warrant in the wake of a burglary at the Ruthie Drive apartments.

Alysia and Kevin Bowman left their apartment around 11 a.m. on Christmas Eve to spend time with family, and later that night, Alysia received a message from a friend who informed her that her apartment door had been kicked open. Her neighbor confirmed the door had been kicked in, and the pair rushed home to see what had taken place.

There, they found the door had been kicked in, bedroom items had been thrown about, and several items – including an iPod Touch, DVD player, and others – were missing. Police immediately began their investigation and learned that a male subject had entered the complex yelling about killing his brother.

After speaking to witnesses throughout the apartment complex, police returned with a photo line-up of the suspect and others, and a witness positively identified Jacob Madsen as the burglar. Police traveled to Madsen’s residence on East St. Louis Street, but he refused to open the door. Footprints found outside the home matched the prints found at the scene of the crime. A search warrant was then obtained and police entered the residence.

None of the stolen items were found nor did police locate the pair of shoes used in the burglary. However, Madsen did tell police that he has nothing to do with his brother anymore.

Madsen was arrested and held on charges of Burglary as a Class B felony.