Knox Man Arrested For Possession of Controlled Substances

A Knox man was arrested Monday after he was reportedly in possession of narcotics.

An officer with the Knox City Police Department was called to the SuperValue Inn after a call came in about a battery. The alleged victim, who later told police that a battery did not occur, told police that the suspect, Eric Wireman, had ran from the scene toward Smith Farm Store.

Police were given a description of the suspect and he was located standing between a pop machine and the front door of the business. Wireman allegedly saw the officer and ran into the store. He hid from the officer in the store, but he was quickly located and detained.

When Wireman was being handcuffed, the officer reportedly saw an object in Wireman’s hand. It was a piece of drug paraphernalia. Another piece of paraphernalia was found in the pocket in his coat. He was searched at the Starke County Jail and controlled substances were allegedly found in his possession.

Wireman was arrested on preliminary charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of paraphernalia. He was also wanted on a warrant for failure to appear.