Local Businessman Once Again Pays For Berg to Not Play Christmas Song

Kent Kruzick presented Tom Berg with a $100 check for Community Services under the condition that he not play "The Christmas Song."

‘Tis the season for traditions, and WKVI morning man Tom Berg seems to be starting one of his own. After a local businessman last year donated $100 to a local charity to prevent Berg from playing “The Christmas Song,” on piano, Berg decided this year that he would once again give it a shot.

Less than 30 minutes after Berg announced on the air his intent to play the song once again and struck a short excerpt of the song on his electronic piano, Kent Kruzick ran to WKVI, check in hand, to beg Berg once again to refrain from attempting to play the song.

“It has come to my attention that you are again threatening to terrorize the public with your keyboard playing on the air again,” Kruzick wrote in an email to Berg. “Please please stop! I was so terrorized last year, I had to delete that song from my iTunes file, and I still get tears in my eyes from just the memories!”

Kruzick showed up shortly thereafter with a $100 check for Community Services of Starke County. This year, however, Berg convinced Kruzick to let him give it a shot. One shot, Berg said, to prove he can play the song without causing anyone’s ears to hemorrhage.