Mil-Tek Sets Up Shop in Plymouth

A Plymouth native recently opened a new recycling and waste solutions business in the city, and he said things couldn’t be off to a more perfect start.

Gregory Frushour told WKVI he decided to open his business after a happenstance conversation with the founder and original designer of the recycling equipment Frushour’s business now employs. The conversation, he said, developed into swapping business pitches.

Now, after 28 years of military service and six off-and-on years doing contract work with a number of different agencies – most recently the FBI – Frushour said he had enough of being bounced around with contracts. So, with his roots in Marshall County, he decided to put the degree he earned from the School of Public Environmental Affairs at IU Bloomington in 1978 to use.

So, Frushour called a representative from Mil-Tek in Denmark and kicked off his new plan. The process took until Halloween, when he said he signed a contract on Oct. 31 after visiting Denmark and coming back to the United States for training. After that, Frushour said, he knew he made the right move and invested his retirement savings into the recycling company.

Since then, he said he’s been off to a great start. Frushour said the president and CEO of Mil-Tek USA said Frushour’s business couldn’t have been much better.

“My boss, Bryan Wingfield of Mil-Tek USA has said, ‘You almost had a perfect launch,’ meaning I will be in the black from the first quarter forward. I did very well in Kosciusko County, by accident, by website, by sheer luck, they were looking for compaction equipment in the biomedical field and we have the proper equipment for their application,” said Frushour.

The business is operating out of 316 N. Center St. in Plymouth, with operating hours of 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Frushour said they also have a 5000 square foot storage facility on Highway 17, as well as a showroom on Walnut Street where interested parties can see what the business is about.

Mil-Tek sells equipment for sorting and baling to companies that have a lot of recyclables to deal with, making life easier for large companies that do not have the equipment to properly handle large amounts of recyclables.

Frushour urges anyone interested in seeing what the business is about to come out to the showroom, which will open on Jan 7. For more information, call Frushour at (574) 540-2525, and he’ll be able to give interested businesses a demonstration on how convenient a baler can be.