North Judson-San Pierre Schools Utilizing School Messenger Program

North Judson-San Pierre Superintendent Lynn Johnson

While Knox Community Schools are gearing up to implement the new School Messenger system, North Judson-San Pierre Schools Superintendent Lynn Johnson said their school has already made use of the program.

Johnson said the program allows the school to stay in contact with parents and inform them of anything going on with the school.

“The School Messenger program allows us to have immediate communication with parents. It’s another venue; instead of sending home papers and that type of thing, or making sure that things are posted on the website – which everyone does not have access to – School Messenger allows us to send either a phone message, an email message, or text message to parents and also to our staff members,” said Johnson.

According to Johnson, the program is very cost-feasible and they’re already making use of the program in announcing school closing, delays, and even emergencies.

“We use it right now in the event of a snow delay or a closing, and it’s also available in the event of an emergency,” said Johnson.

Johnson said the program does come at a cost, but not to parents. She said the corporation pays a per-student fee to use the program, and the corporation covers the cost rather than passing it to parents.