North Judson Town Board Approves Several Purchases

The North Judson Town Board approved a number of purchase orders for new equipment for the utility department. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained the board approved purchases to replace worn-out tools and other equipment, and they approved the purchase of a set of heavy-duty backhoe forks. Henry said the forks can be mounted on the front bucket of the backhoe to allow it to lift items, making it easy to unload pipes, fire hydrants, or other heavy items that may need hauled.

Henry explained the board also approved the purchase for a leak listener – a device used to determine where a leak within a pipe might be. She said the utility department will make use of this equipment in the sewer, allowing them to pinpoint the issue and fix it more easily.

Of course, the board didn’t just approve spending money. The board also noted that they received the fall distribution from the Starke County auditor for property taxes and license excise tax. Henry said the town received a total of $189,203.22 from both taxes, as well as $6208.16 in water and sewer lien payments.