Plymouth Man Arrested After Dumping Meth Lab in Dumpster

A Plymouth man was arrested on charges of Manufacturing Methamphetamine as a Class B felony after he allegedly dumped a smoking box in a dumpster.

The Plymouth Police Department received a call from a man who told police that he had witnessed a man drop a box that was expelling smoke into a dumpster near 314 Kingston Ave. Officers quickly arrived at the location and found the discarded items, which were identified as a methamphetamine lab.

Police notified the Indiana State Police to process the evidence, and before long, police located the suspect walking nearby and arrested him.

The man, identified as James Bailey, 23 of Plymouth, was taken into custody on charges of Manufacturing Methamphetamine. The investigation continued, however, and led police to a nearby apartment where additional hazardous materials used in the manufacture of methamphetamine were found.