Plymouth Woman Arrested For Criminal Trespass

Plymouth police arrested a 42-year-old woman after she refused to leave a Plymouth residence on Friday.

Police were called to 619 W. Garro St. in Plymouth in response to a report of domestic situation. When police arrived, they learned that a verbal argument had taken place between Jennifer Miller and her mother, who wanted Miller out of the home immediately. Officers helped to remove Miller from the residence, but it wasn’t long before things escalated.

A short time after she was expelled from the home, Miller returned to the residence and entered through the back door. Unfortunately for her, police were still in the area – one officer witnessed Miller come out of the front door with her mother, and she was immediately arrested.

Jennifer Miller, 42 of Plymouth, faces charges of Criminal Trespass and was taken to the Marshall County Jail after officers obtained jail clearance from the hospital for alcohol consumption.