Pulaski Commissioners Approve New Vehicle For Sheriff’s Department

Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer

The Pulaski County Commissioners this week approved a new purchase for the Sheriff’s Department: a new Dodge Charger squad car from Braun Chrysler. Sheriff Michael Gayer told the council that he will obtain several more quotes from local dealerships for both quarter- and half-ton trucks to add to his fleet.

Gayer said that so far, Goble has been the only local county dealership to provide a price on the new vehicle, and Steve Dobson at Jim Dobson Ford has yet to give him a response. On top of that, Gayer’s contact at Braun Chevrolet has been on vacation and Gayer has not been able to reach him.

Gayer told the commissioners that the department’s crew cab four-wheel-drive truck will be employed by Chief Deputy Ron Patrick to be used as his new patrol vehicle, making it his first new vehicle. Gayer said Patrick had been using hand-me-down vehicles at the department, but now, due to his responsibilities with the SWAT team and as commander of the state’s Department of Homeland Security District 2 Task Force, Gayer said it’s only fitting that he get a large enough truck to store his equipment.

The District 2 Task Force deployed twice this year and spent a number of weeks on the East Coast to help with cleanup efforts from Hurricane Sandy and in New York.