Pulaski County Police Arrest Two Following 100 MPH Chase

Two Medaryville residents were arrested after a pursuit incident with Pulaski County police on Monday.

Two police officers were out on patrol together in the same area and one deputy saw a vehicle traveling on 1400 West in Medaryville, ran the license plates and found the plate to be expired and didn’t match the make and model of the vehicle on the registration. Deputy Mat Anderson pulled over the vehicle and as he got out to driver’s side of the vehicle, he saw the tires turn sharply to the left and heard the engine rev. The vehicle then drove away from the traffic stop. By that time, Deputy Ryan Austin had pulled up and the suspect ran into his squad car.

Deputy Anderson pursued the vehicle on rain-soaked roads at speeds close to 100 mph. The driver, Shane Born, reportedly blew through a stop sign at nearly 100 mph. Born turned the vehicle into his driveway and into the garage. At that time, Born’s girlfriend, Jamie Peterson, reportedly ran to the garage and argued with the officers. The deputy partially parked in the garage so the garage door wouldn’t close and it shut on the squad car. The officer was able to get into the garage, but not before Born left the garage and into the house. Deputy Austin ran to the front door, kicked it in and hit Born as he was approaching the door. Several attempts were made to get Born out of the house and the taser was deployed more than once in order to get him to comply with commands.

When more police officers arrived at the scene, Deputy Anderson helped Deputy Austin in apprehending Born. At one point Born, reportedly slammed the door shut and it hit Deputy Anderson which broke the window in the door, cutting his hand. Police were able to gain access inside the home and Born was taken into custody. A child was in the house during the incident.

Upon further investigation, a small plastic bag containing methamphetamine was reportedly found in Born’s vehicle along with other paraphernalia.

Shane Born was arrested on preliminary charges of Operating a Vehicle as a Habitual Traffic Violator for Life, Resisting Law Enforcement with a Vehicle, Possession of Methamphetamine and Reckless Driving. Jamie Peterson was arrested on preliminary charges of Assisting a Criminal, Neglect of a Dependent, Resisting Law Enforcement and Disorderly Conduct.