Relay For Life Kicks Off In Two Weeks

Megan Hamand

In just two weeks, Relay for Life will host their Kick Off Event to jump start the Relay season. Megan Hamand of Key Bank said the event aims not only to kick off the start of the season, but also to give information to anyone interested.

Hamand explained the kickoff event features a number of important ceremonies like Luminaria, and this year they will focus on honoring cancer survivors and caregivers.

“We’re even going to do a little mini-Luminaria at the kickoff, so if you’ve never been to Relay, the kickoff would be a great event for you to kinda get a little taste of what the big, major event is in June,” Hamand said.

Hamand said that this year, Relay will hold a number of different ceremonies to remember to fight back against cancer and celebrate cancer survivors, honor those who were lost, and encourage those still battling.

“In the Luminaria, it’s probably the most somber part of Relay, but also the most moving, and a lot of peoples’ favorite part because it’s where we really take a time and quietly reflect on those that we’ve lost to cancer, and just honoring those who are fighting back or who have won their battle against cancer,” Hamand said.

Hamand said they’re hoping to give everyone who has not yet been to a Relay event to come out to the Kick Off and check it out before the main Relay For Life event in June. The Kick Off will take place on Jan. 10 at 6 p.m. at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Knox. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.