Starke Commissioners, Council To Meet Today

Starke County Commissioners

After failing to reach a quorum at their last meeting on Dec. 17, the Starke County Commissioners and the County Council will meet once again tonight to wrap up end-of-year business.

Items that had been on the council agenda for the last meeting included a request for funding from Community Services Director Joan Haugh, a third-quarter commissary fund report from Sheriff Oscar Cowen, and a report from the county auditor on anti-nepotism certifications of department heads.

The commissioners were set to open bids for maintenance and trending for the assessor’s office and discuss the courthouse elevator contract with Courthouse Custodian Carl Goodrich. On top of that, County Health Nurse Frank Lynch was slated to discuss a vehicle for the health department, and EMA Director Ted Bombagetti was expected to give a report on ADA compliance.

Several other items were also set to be discussed, including appraisals on the proposed jail property. The commissioners will meet for a special session at 8:30 a.m., and the regular meeting with the council will begin at 5:30 p.m.