Starke Commissioners, Council Unable To Reach Quorum

Starke County Commissioners

Yesterday was a boring day for the Starke County commissioners and the council, as neither body was able to form a quorum. For a variety of reasons including sickness and prior engagements, four members of the county council and two commissioners were absent from last night’s meeting.

A quorum is the minimum number of members of an assembly necessary to conduct the business of that group; in this case, the council requires at least four members while only three were present, and the commissioners require at least two. Only one commissioner, Jennifer Davis, made it to the meeting.

Because of this, no business could be conducted. The council did discuss a number of items but were unable to move on any decisions, while the commissioners’ meeting was canceled.

The council and commissioners will attempt to meet once again on Dec. 27 to finish end-of-year business before it’s too late.