Starke County Approves Switch to Narrowband Radios

IT Director Joe Short

Starke County IT Director Joe Short told the commissioners this week that time is running out to switch county radio equipment to narrowband systems. The switchover, which was ordered by the FCC in December 2004, has an end-of-the-year deadline for Indiana counties.

Short told the commissioners that the current communication towers in San Pierre and North Judson are a bit “spotty,” which may be worsened with the switch to narrowband systems which have a shorter range. Several towers were damaged during this year’s June and July storms, and Short recommended waiting to reprogram the radio equipment until the towers have been fully repaired and the Sheriff’s Department’s radio tower relocated.

Short told the commissioners that they are running out of time to perform the migration and urged the commissioners to approve a $1437 cost for J&K Communication to perform the migration for the county before the end of the year.

The commissioners approved Short’s request, and the migration of radio systems to narrowband is expected to be complete by the end of the year.