This Was a Good Year For Pulaski County Recycling Center, Says Director

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

Ed Clark of the Pulaski County Recycling Center told the county commissioners this week that the recycling center is coming in a bit lower than last year in revenue. Clark explained that while last year the center turned around $300,000, this year’s lower commodity prices have put a damper on their revenue. He anticipates coming in at $275,000 revenue for the year, despite actually having a greater number of sales.

Fortunately, Clark said the recycling center received a larger amount than expected from the Solid Waste District. He said his department received $45,000, rather than the $40,000 they received last year.

Clark also thanked commissioner Ken Boswell and Mike Tiede for their time as commissioners, specifically for the year 2012; he said this year was a boon for the recycling center, as they purchased a used forklift, rebuilt a Mac truck to use on the road, overhauled a Dodge pickup truck with a new motor, and fixed the department’s freight liner as well. Clark explained that while these are old vehicles, they were rebuilt this year to allow them to have a good start next year. On top of that, he said the recycling center also has a new semi truck that is road-ready.