Two Knox Residents Arrested Following Brief Pursuit

Two Knox residents were arrested after the driver of a vehicle refused to pull over. On the afternoon of Dec. 7, a city police officer noticed a vehicle traveling westboud on John Street and recognized the passenger in the vehicle as Elliot Earnest, a man with an active arrest warrant.

When the officer turned his vehicle around and turned on his emergency lights, he reportedly noticed the driver look in his side mirror and and speed up. Even when the officer activated his siren, the driver refused to stop and continued to accelerate.

After driving for another half-mile, the driver made a right turn into a driveway that the officer recognized as Earnest’s parents home. When the vehicle stopped, Earnest opened the passenger side door but the officer quickly ordered him back in the vehicle. The driver then got out of the car and approached the officer, askng why he had been pulled over.

The officer placed the driver, identified as Floyd Earnest, under arrest for failing to stop his vehicle, and soon learned his license had been suspended as well. He was taken to the Starke County Jail and booked on charges of Resisting Law Enforcement while Elliott Earnest was arrested and booked for his prior arrest warrant.